Downward Dogs, Child Poses & Mental Health

Despite a robust body of evidence citing its numerous health benefits and recent popular media exposure, yoga still resides somewhere between trendy exercise and mystical meditative mojo only achieved in far flung Instagram-worthy locations or expensive hardwood studios. While those truths still remain, yoga isn't limited to those simple stereotypes and just may be the most… Continue reading Downward Dogs, Child Poses & Mental Health

Hiding in Plain Sight: Persistent Depressive Disorder

To the outside world, you’re a productive citizen. You might even be considered highly successful. But when work or school is over, your internal resources are spent. You turn down hanging out with friends because all you want to do is sink onto the couch or dive into bed and cut yourself off from the… Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight: Persistent Depressive Disorder

Grading New Hampshire’s Parity

  It's been a decade since President George W. Bush signed the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act into law, signaling a need for regulations surrounding the role insurance companies play in the delivery of mental health services to a state's residents. More commonly known as the Federal Parity Law, the legislation requires insurers… Continue reading Grading New Hampshire’s Parity